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Lord Pastoral is a run as a family business where we encourage everyone to find a role that they can thrive in and enjoy being part of a successful team. 

The culture we strive to maintain: 

  1. To promote a happy & safe culture where people can grow to utilise their full potential. 

  2. Creating thinking in the workplace, both as an individual and for others for what is the best result for the business and people 

  3. To encourage people to find their voice and speak their thoughts 

  4. To promote an environment where people can think for themselves to gain a higher level of common sense & problem solving. 

  5. To always look for ways to help people get the best out of their day and those around them. 

  6. Develop and maintain a high level of professionalism both socially and at work 

  7. To have everyone on the station doing their part to enhance the culture 

The key responsibility areas for this role include: 

  • Gardening - mowing / raking / pruning / watering / rolling tennis court / sprinklers  Housework - vacuuming / mopping / cleaning windows / bathrooms 

  • Cooking - meals for up to 10 people 

  • Feeding Animals 

In addition to the key responsibility areas, you will also be required to: 

  • Have an open mind and a willingness to learn 

  • Have good communication skills 

  • The ability to cook and organize yourself 

  • Hold a driver’s license; good to have but not a job requirement.  Work in a team or independently, as required 


  • Above award day rate, less tax, plus superannuation 

  • Own private room that is air conditioned (single accommodation)  Board & keep included 

  • High speed internet 

Please note, the role comes with mentoring and skill development from management and co-workers. No question is a silly question and you are not alone. 

Put your CV together with at least 2 references and applicable skills, hit the apply now button and and it will go directly to our hiring manager at Lord Pastoral for review and consideration.

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