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About Us

Our export 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus brand is known as ‘Four Daughters’, named after Bonnie, Molly, Jemima and Matilda. Each of the four daughters has been born and raised on the land, fostering a deep passion for agriculture, particularly beef cattle. Each of the four daughters are passionate about ensuring that the future food production is sustainable and well looked after.

Our core business is trading in domestic beef. This requires the weekly purchase of backgrounding cattle to feed on pasture until an entry weight of 280kg is achieved, at which point our beef are then inducted into our Aus-Meat accredited feedlot at either 'Old Bombine' or 'Mamaree'.

Our second emerging market is to source, breed, and feed Premium Quality Black Angus Beef for the growing exports markets. We have exported beef to China, Hong Kong and South Korea.

‘The Four Daughters 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus’ is the signature, paddock to plate beef that can be traced back to ‘Old Bombine’, ‘Mamaree’ Meandarra, 'Woodlawn' Talwood and ‘Bellevue’ Yaraka or other local Australian producers.


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