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About Us

Gulf Coast Agricultural Co. is a privately-owned pastoral enterprise raising more than 100,000 head of pure Brahman cattle across 1,070,100 hectares of land in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland, Australia.

Consolidated under the name Gulf Coast Agricultural Co. in 2017, our 100% Australian and family-owned company originated in 1991 with the purchase of Van Rook Station. We have since expanded to encompass the neighbouring properties of Inkerman Station, Dorunda Station and Stirling Lotus Vale Station – making our group of stations contiguous.

All four cattle stations are steeped in history, dating back to the 1880s. Ties to this heritage are still celebrated today with the retention of the stations’ original cattle brands and names (Dorunda was named after the SS. Dorunda steamship, the first vessel to carry beef from Queensland to Great Britain back in 1881).

While the stations cover a vast tract of land, with Van Rook being one of the largest cattle stations in Australia, Gulf Coast Agricultural Co. itself is a private operation built on strong family values and a commitment to the highest standards of staff wellbeing, animal welfare and environmental conservation. Care and connection to Australia’s agricultural community is very important to us and we actively support causes and charities in local and rural communities.

And due to our very personalised approach to nurturing and looking after our small highly-valued workforce, we’re widely considered an employer of choice for recruits looking for a fun, team-focused, truly rewarding work experience with a high level of staff interaction between our stations.


Focusing on pure Brahman cattle, these distinctively humped cattle were first bred in America and introduced to Queensland back in 1933. They are tolerant to extremes in temperature and insects, and thus thrive in tropical environments. Brahman are one of the most popular breeds of cattle in the north of Australia, with more than 50% of our country’s cattle population either Brahman or Brahman cross.

At Gulf Coast Agricultural Co., our closed breeding herd benefits from decades of meticulous genetic selection. Our breeder cattle have been raised on our stations for generations, making them perfectly adapted to the northern tropical climate and conditions.

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