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About Us

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) is a corporate Commonwealth entity established under the ATSI Act and subject to the PGPA Act. The ILSC assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to realise economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits that the ownership and management of land, water and water related rights can bring. The ILSC provides this assistance through the acquisition and management of rights and interests in land, salt water and freshwater country.

ILSC Agribusiness is a specialised unit of the ILSC that focuses on the development and management of commercial agribusiness investments on Indigenous land in partnership with Indigenous people. ILSC Agribusiness currently operates agricultural businesses, including beef cattle, fine-wool merino sheep, a community-based meatworks and a cattle export depot.

Roebuck Export Depot (RED) is a live export depot in the Kimberley region of WA. The facility has the capacity to hold 17,444 head at any one time and is utilised by exporters and livestock agents to prepare cattle for live export markets as well as handling transit cattle for the domestic markets. The facility operates under strict environmental and animal welfare standards and holds animal welfare in the highest regard.

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