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About Us

Mort & Co has been in the business of producing premium grainfed beef for more than 25 years.

Built on tenacity and an unwavering appetite for growth, the company has grown to become one of the largest and most experienced managers of lot fed cattle in Australia.

With ownership of two Queensland-based feedlots: Pinegrove, located near Millmerran and Grassdale, located near Dalby, Mort & Co also holds a 50% interest in Yarranbrook Feedlot, located near Inglewood. Altogether, the business turns over in excess of 215,000 cattle annually.

As a natural innovator, Mort & Co has continually diversified its integrated beef supply chain and leveraged the latest in research and technology to bring value to core lot feeding offerings.

As a result, the company has developed a range of industry leading, complementary businesses including:

  • Mort & Co Meat

  • Mort & Co Farms

  • Mort & Co Stockfeeds

  • Mort & Co Transport

  • Mort & Co Service Centre

  • Mort & Co Fertilisers

  • Mort & Co Cottonseed de-oiling

  • Mort & Co Predictor Plus

Today, Mort & Co services both domestic and international markets as a leading supplier of premium agricultural products and a proud employer of over 300 dedicated team members.

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