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About Us

Stanbroke is a family owned Australian integrated beef and cattle company.

At Stanbroke our aim is to consistently provide the finest quality beef to our valued customers. We achieve this by owning and managing each step of the beef production process. By utilising the pristine environment of our cattle stations and combining this with our state of the art production facilities, we constantly deliver the highest quality, tender, flavoursome beef chefs demand.

We offer a full range of Grain and Grass-fed beef categories and export to over 35 countries globally.


Over 1.2 million hectares of prime grazing country

Stanbroke owns 7 cattle stations in the gulf region in northern Queensland, Australia. This prime agricultural land is free of contaminants and void of interference from human intervention. 

The arrival of annual monsoons feed these vast tracts of fertile land, producing lush rich pastures of Flinders and Mitchell grasses, and it is here that our 200,000 head of cattle graze. This region is so well suited to our operations, some of our stations have been breeding cattle for more than 150 years.


We feed our cattle only the highest quality grasses and grains

Stanbroke manages 46 properties in the renowned farming region of the Darling Downs, in southern Queensland, to background cattle destined for our grain-fed programs. 

Our operations also include a 45,000-head state-of-the-art feedlot and an adjoining property that produces high quality crops used in our rations. Our customised feeding programs are specifically designed to produce a rich flavour and to meet the precise marbling requirements of different customers. 

Stanbroke’s high standards of animal welfare are maintained by providing comfortable surroundings and only using horses and people to move our cattle throughout the facility. Our cattle are supervised by stockmen and women trained in animal welfare and monitored by a qualified veterinarian.

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