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About Us

Stone Axe Wagyu named Australia’s Grand Champion Wagyu, two years running. Australia’s first ever back-to-back winners. 2020 + 2021 Wagyu branded beef awards.

Stone Axe Pastoral supplies to the global ultra-premium Wagyu market through their vertically integrated Purebred, Full Blood and Crossbred Wagyu production enterprise.

With their state-of-the-art, large scale integrated feedlots and facilities positioned in pristine locations across Australia, Stone Axe Pastoral has a vision to produce the highest quality product while developing the lowest cost, scalable Wagyu production system, globally.

The Company

Stone Axe Pastoral herds showcase Australia’s best Crossbred, Purebred and Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu, resulting in beef of the highest possible quality - the definitive taste of Australian Full Blood Wagyu.

With herds located in hand-selected, resource rich regions across Australia, Stone Axe Pastoral is a world-leader in luxury beef production, building the world’s largest vertically integrated Crossbred, Purebred and Full Blood Wagyu enterprise.

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