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About Us

Waterfall Feedlot was established in 1985 by the current Owner/Manager, Mr Robert Maudsley.  The operation has grown over the years to the current capacity and has an extremely good reputation for turning off high quality cattle for the customer's desired market.  The operation specialises in custom feeding for domestic and export clients and is EU accredited.

Waterfall Feedlot is located approx 14km north-west of Goomeri and 5km south of Tansey in the Boonara district with B-Double access via the Burnett Highway and Watchbox Road.  The operation is centrally located with major selling centres and abattoirs within easy reach of the feedlot.

Waterfall Feedlot operates over two sites comprising a 3900 SCU feedlot and feedmill operation at Maudsley Road and a 2900 SCU feedlot at Wittenberg's Road.

Waterfall Feedlot also operates an extensive dryland and irrigation farming operation in the Boonara district and a 3000ha property at Meandarra which supply commodities for the feedlot.  These are transported by Waterfall's fleet of trucks.

Waterfall Feedlot is an accredited participant in the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) and European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS) with audits conducted annually.


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