Stone Axe Pastoral Company is a producer of Wagyu Cattle which has operations across Australia. A position has become available for a full-time Farm Manager at our Northern WA Operations Farm located near Enabba.

The key objective of this role is to maximise the productivity and profitability of properties, without compromising plant condition, stock welfare or human resources, whilst also ensuring adherence of all farm employees to a high standard of occupational health and safety.



  • Lead and oversee the day-to-day operations of the business including infrastructure development and animal production. 

  • Oversee the expansion and development of the Margaret River Wagyu herd via the existing policies and procedures, introduction of new opportunities (genetic or management) and relevant industry consultation. 

  • Manage relationships with key regional relevant stakeholders of the business including management, suppliers, and employees. 

  • Budget management, operational strategising, environmental management.


  • Prior experience in the management of a livestock enterprise ideally in the production of Wagyu    cattle or premium beef and/or demonstrated success in running a successful commercial business.

  • Knowledge or prior involvement in animal production in one or more sectors of the livestock industry and/or experience in grain or protein markets.

  • Demonstrated experience in leading and managing a team. 

  • The ability to develop and maintain relationships. 

  • Superior interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills   


  • Ability to contribute to a team environment, be a team player and add value to that team. 

  • Able to work autonomously with exceptional time management skills.

  • Willing to accept a high degree of responsibility.

  • Knowledge and experience of seasonal feed requirements of the key classes of stock in terms of the animal health requirements and the ever-changing feeding priorities. 

  • High level of social intelligence. 

  • Excellent communication skills across all levels of people from farm hands through to executives. 

  • Confidence to openly discuss and debate any issues. 

  • Advanced observational skills and a questioning nature, willing to challenge existing farm practices with supporting evidence, to observe a problem or potential opportunity, to think through the consequences and to offer suggestions. 

  • Leadership skills and techniques at an advanced level. 

  • Ensure self-awareness and ability to shift management techniques to ensure an optimised workforce.


  • On farm accommodation.

  • Above industry pay rates

  • Vehicle and other tools of the trade as required.

  • Laptop and mobile supplied.

Applicants please present your resume and a cover letter via the APPLY NOW button below. Please note only applicants who meet the brief will be considered and contacted if short-listed. 

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