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Condabri Beef (Drury Farming Company Pty Ltd) is a family owned and operated integrated Feedlot, Backgrounding & Farming Enterprises.

Located between Meandarra and Glenmorgan, 1 hour south of Miles, Athlone and its aggregation of properties are based in the prominent Western Downs Region of Queensland. This large-scale pastoral enterprise comprises of beef backgrounding and farming, for supply of grains and roughage to the feedlot. With an established, well-tenured young family team, they are on the lookout for a dynamic and motivated all-rounder couple with a passion for agriculture, the rural life, and family-based values to join the aggregation.

Job Type:



Competitive - negotiable on experience and skills


Hiring Now


Until position filled

Job Description:

We are seeking a Farm hand Operator to join the team at Athlone, one hour south of Miles, QLD.

  • The Farm Hand Operator is responsible for the safe and effective operation and maintenance of farm machinery used at Athlone Aggregation’s farming operations.

  • All activities are to be completed in accordance with the GM’s instructions.

Key Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities:

Farm Operations, Crop Production & Livestock

  • Diligent operation of farm machinery for land preparation, sowing, crop maintenance & harvest activities as per farming programs and seasonal requirements.

  • Maintain proper and accurate records of all sprays, fertilisers, nutrients, animal husbandry applications and other chemicals applied to the property, stock and crops as directed by the GM.

  • Keep the Farm free from insects and diseases that might damage or inhibit growth and crop production as required by regulatory authorities and the Company.

  • Participate in the inspection, grading, sorting, storage and post-harvest treatment of crops.

  • Participate in day-to-day management of all livestock, plant & infrastructure in conjunction with the GM, and any agreed third-party contract groups, to accepted industry best practice.

  • Handle all livestock in line with the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and guidelines. Deterioration of livestock is promptly advised to the GM.

Irrigation Maintenance & Operation

  • As directed, ensure all maintenance to irrigation infrastructure is completed in a timely manner so that irrigation operations can be carried out without hindrance.

  • Set up and operation of irrigation equipment.

  • Implement and maintain the agreed irrigation schedule to ensure crop quality and health.

  • Clear and maintain irrigation ditches and syphons as required.

Machinery Operation

  • Operate tractors, tractor-drawn machinery, harvesters, and self-propelled equipment to plow, till and fertilise soil, or to plant, cultivate, spray and harvest crops or move livestock.

  • Undertake training and familiarisation for each vehicle, plant, or machinery before operating, in line with manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Operate the Excavator, Grader, Dozer etc. to maintain infrastructure when required.

  • Complete and provide reports and paperwork associated with the movement of any product by Company owned logistics vehicles.

Farm Maintenance & Presentation

  • Repair farm buildings, fences, and other structures as required.

  • Perform slashing and chemical spraying activities to ensure weed control is managed across the farm and surrounds.

  • Keep the farm free from vermin as required by regulatory authorities, and the Company.

  • Present a current firearms license to the GM for evaluation prior to usage.

  • Ensure farm aesthetics are maintained and improved where possible as directed by the GM.

Job Requirements:

(a) Skills and Competencies

  • Sound verbal and written communication skills.

  • Experience in the use and maintenance of farming plant and equipment.

  • Skilled in hazard identification and responsive to safety issues.

(b) Knowledge

  • Sound understanding and practical experience across a range of farming techniques.

  • Basic understanding of how WH&S standards and requirements impact the role of a Farm Hand Operator.

(c) Experience

  • Broad experience in utilising a range of practical farming skills, including machinery maintenance, fencing, irrigation, animal husbandry etc.

(d) Qualifications

  • Current driver’s license (HR license desirable).

  • Chemical Handling certificate (if required to handle chemicals).

  • Current Firearms license (if required to operate firearms).

(e) Personal Attributes

  • Able to use initiative and accept personal accountability.

  • Personal attributes that align with the Company’s core values.

  • Able to work in a physically demanding job.

  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team.

  • Able to perform under pressure and continue to adhere to Company policies and procedures.

(f) Training

  • Training will be provided as a need arises or as directed by the GM.

Job Benefits:

  • Competitive package, negotiable based on experience and skills.

  • Permanent full-time hours with flexible work hours and roster.

  • Very tidy and comfortable donga complex.

  • Glenmorgan township and primary school is 32 km.

  • Immersive learning environment with hands-on experience.

  • Opportunity to be a part of a close-knit and supportive farm community.

  • A supportive culture and values-based company.

  • Access to a range of training, development, and career progression opportunities.

If this is something that interests you and you have the relevant skills and experience, please email your resume along with 2 contactable references to Amanda at

All enquiries can be directed via email also.


  • This is a permanent position and is NOT open to Working Holiday Visa Holders (Backpackers).

  • Applications without required skills and experience listed in the ad will not be considered.

Condabri 20240702

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