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Gunthorpe Cattle Company are a family-run, regenerative-focused beef cattle operation located in Central Queensland, nestled between Theodore and Banana, approximately 2 hours from Rockhampton.

Across 4 properties in the region, we manage a 2000-3000 LSU herd. This encompasses a Brahman stud herd of 600 head at our stud, Tarramba Red Brahmans, a crossbred backgrounding enterprise, and a crossbred commercial breeding enterprise.

Job Type:

Full Time


Competitive wages based on experience


Beginning October 2023


Until position filled

Job Description:

We are currently seeking a dedicated full-time Assistant Manager/Off-sider to join our team, with a planned start date in early October.

Key Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Animal Husbandry: You will be responsible for mustering, branding, and transporting cattle.

  • Weaner Education: Educating and handling weaners effectively will be part of your role.

  • Water Management: Monitoring cattle water sources and maintaining/improving watering systems.

  • Fencing: Ensuring fencing is well-maintained and replacing as needed, including new fence installations.

  • Record Keeping: Accurate and meticulous farm record keeping.

  • Client Interaction: Representing the stud at sales and liaising with clients.

Job Requirements:

  • Livestock Expertise: A minimum of 1 years' experience in livestock husbandry, pasture management, and grazing practices.

  • Stock Handling: Excellent skills in handling and managing livestock.

  • Organizational Skills: Exceptional organizational abilities, especially in maintaining records such as calving dates, EBVs, weights, scrotal sizes, and grazing charts.

  • Communication: Outstanding interpersonal skills, enabling effective communication at all levels.

  • Attributes: Honesty, reliability, enthusiasm for learning and skill development, Eagerness to Learn Grazing Skills, enthusiasm for acquiring skills related to grazing techniques.

  • Team Player: Ability to collaborate within a team and work independently.

  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail and a tidy work ethic.

  • Flexibility: Willingness to travel between properties (maximum 60km distance).

  • Driving: Possession of a current driver's license and manual vehicle driving capability.

  • Truck License: HR Truck License.

  • Dog Handling: If bringing work dogs, a demonstrated ability for calm and confident stock control.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Low Stress Handling: Familiarity with and ability to implement low-stress stock handling methods

  • Farming Experience: Previous broadacre farming tractor experience

  • Learning Attitude: Interest in expanding knowledge about stud cattle, farm management, enhanced productivity, and holistic grazing techniques.

  • Industry Passion: Enthusiasm for the Australian agriculture and beef sector, with long-term ambitions within the industry.

  • Leadership Aspirations: A desire to progress to leadership roles.

  • Training Interest: Participation or willingness to attend RCS' Grazing for Profit School.

  • Horse Riding: Proficiency in horse riding.

  • Detail-Oriented: Keen attention to detail, particularly in recording data.

Additional Desirable Stud-Related Skills:

  • Stock Book Knowledge: Familiarity with stock books and the stud recording program; proficiency is highly advantageous.

  • Feeding and Sale Preparation: Competence in feeding and preparing cattle for sale.

  • Breaking-in Expertise: Experience in breaking in sale cattle.

  • Calf Recording: Proficiency in calf recording, DNA sampling, and regular reporting to the manager.

  • Stud Goals Understanding: Comprehension of the stud's overarching goals and objectives.

  • EBV Familiarity: Understanding of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and their significance.

Job Benefits:

What We Offer

  • Growth Opportunities: The chance to flourish and evolve in a family-oriented business, with potential for increased responsibilities in the future.

  • Accommodation: Comfortable worker's quarters with full amenities (kitchen, bath, washing machine, separate bedroom), suitable for a single person.

  • Vehicle Provision: A work vehicle provided during work hours.

  • Rations: Beef provisions.

  • Training: Training opportunities for suitable candidates (Low Stress Stock Handling, Grazing for Profit, and dog-handling school if required).

  • Compensation: Competitive wages based on experience. Future opportunity to run own cattle on our property.

We encourage enthusiastic candidates who align with our values to apply. Your dedication will be rewarded with growth opportunities within our family-run enterprise.

Click APPLY NOW to send your cover letter and resume (with at least 3 contactable references - these will be checked). For more inforamtion please address enquiries to Tracy Gunthorpe at


NB. This is a permanent position and not available to Working Holiday Visa Holders.

(images by Madelyn Holmes Photography)

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