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Hancock Agriculture is a renowned agricultural company, encompassing Hancock Pastoral, Wagyu Operations, and S. Kidman. With a rich history in agriculture, we manage over 20 properties across Australia, covering a vast land area of 3.49 million hectares. As one of the country's largest producers of Wagyu and commercial cattle, we maintain a herd of over 150,000.

As a vertically integrated farming operation, we oversee every step of the process, from breeding and backgrounding to grain feeding and sales of the finished product. This approach ensures the highest standards of animal husbandry, traceability, and quality assurance. At Hancock Agriculture, we are proud to offer our team members the unique opportunity to be part of an organisation that upholds these exceptional standards.

Job Type:



Competitive remuneration


Immediate Start


Until Positions Filled

Job Description:

We are seeking a dedicated and skilled individual to join our team as a Station Hand. Reporting to the Station Manager, you will play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the station, your focus is cattle and the welfare, husbandry and handling is the highest priority.

About the Property

Ottley is a breeding property located 55km north west of Inverell in the northern tablelands the country type ranges from black basalt hilly country to cultivation along the Ottley and Jardine creeks which run thru the property. The property boasts numerous spring creeks and rock escarpments along the creeks.

Each year, Ottley dedicates over 1000 hectares to winter forage oats and approximately 800 hectares to forage sorghum during the summer. Comprising Ottley, Girraween, Glen Avon, and Glengarry, the property spans 10,750 hectares, with a primary goal of sustaining a robust herd of 3000-plus breeders. The strategic approach involves both autumn and spring calving groups, all paired with Wagyu bulls. Weaners are sent to Hancock Agricultures backgrounding properties upon reaching the weaning stage.

The majority of mustering activities are conducted on horseback, supplemented by some operations using side-by-sides, particularly along the creek flats. Currently, Ottley is undergoing significant capital improvements, with a focus on enhancing water and fencing infrastructure. Concurrently, efforts are directed towards pasture improvement to optimize the overall productivity of the property.

Key Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities:

Your primary responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Mustering cattle using side-by-side UTVs, dogs, and horses

  • Attending to all aspects of cattle husbandry and processing

  • Performing general station maintenance and repairs, including fencing and welding

  • Performing general operations and basic maintenance of vehicles and machinery

  • Assisting with land and environmental management practices

  • Receiving ongoing training for further responsibilities

  • Ongoing training will be provided for further responsibilities.

Job Requirements:

To thrive in this role, you will have the following:

  • Experience in the movement, handling and processing of cattle using calm, quiet and controlled methods;

  • Fencing, stock water and general maintenance skills;

  • Competency in operation of various station machinery/equipment and basic maintenance;

  • A strong work ethic and commitment to working safely;

  • Good understanding of animal welfare practices;

  • Ability to record information and communicate effectively in the workplace;

  • A current class-C driver’s licence (truck licence an advantage, or be willing to obtain); and

  • A genuine passion for Agriculture, and an understanding that safety, animal welfare and production is part of this station, and we do our best to continue to improve these fundamentals

Job Benefits:

  • At Ottley Station, we are committed to providing our team members with a rewarding and comfortable experience. In return for your dedication and hard work, we offer competitive remuneration and the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of the northern tablelands region.

  • Enjoy a comfortable living space in single, couple or family accommodation options available.

  • We are in a growth phase in the Northern New South Wales operations and excited to keep improving and growing with people, land and cattle. 

  • Become part of a team that values collaboration, mutual support, and a strong sense of community. We foster a positive work culture where everyone feels respected and valued.

How to apply


Please note: You must have the right to live and work in Australia to apply for positions with Hancock Agriculture or S. Kidman.

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