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Wentworth Cattle Co is a family owned beef cattle business. We embrace holistic management practices with a firm belief in low stress stockhandling, rotational grazing and Supergene.

Job Type:



Above Award wage, based on experience and skillset


Immediate Start


Until Positions Filled

Job Description:

  • The Headstockman is a hands-on position assisting management with duties required to manage a herd of approximately 18,000 predominantly wagyu cattle on the 142,000 acre Wentworth Aggregation. Managing a team of up to 5 stationhands.

  • The Wentworth Aggregation is 60km from Moranbah and 120km from Clermont.

Key Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Planning

  • Weekly management meeting to coordinate & implement the weekly schedule that interfaces with Annual Management Calendar, in consultation with management team

  • Grazing plan & cattle assessment necessary for planning process

  • Keep a daily diary to be available at the weekly meeting and remains the property of the business, as do all records.

2.  Stock (Cattle) Welfare & Performance –herd health, fertility, nutrition & soundness

  • Manage rotations

  • grass checks & feed budgeting with Manager

  • Weighing & data collection/collation

  • Weaner training/backgrounding & finishing programs

  • Maintain inventory of vet chemicals

  • Euthanising due to injury or illness done according to protocol

  • Periodic dung sampling (NIRS, parasites etc)

  • Commercial breeding program

  • operate according to Supergene principles- run in groups,

  • (maintain accurate records, with particular emphasis on performance & breeding - dates joined & sires used)

  • record data such as preg/branding rates, weaning rates & weights

3. Breeding program

  • operate according to Supergene principles- run in groups,

  • maintain accurate records, with particular emphasis on performance & breeding (dates joined & sires used; Wagyu pedigrees)

  • record data such as preg/branding rates, weaning rates & weights in cattle record book

  • performance of progeny

4. Stock Work (to be done in accordance with written protocols using LSS)

  • Mustering – mainly with horses

  • Troughs to be cleaned and sprinklers on prior to working cattle

  • Receiving & trucking cattle

  • Branding

  • Weaning

  • Weighing & drafting for markets, including data collection

  • Maintain accurate records, with particular emphasis on stock movement, performance & treatments

  • May be seconded to assist at other stations.

5.  Stock (Horses) Welfare & Performance (can be delegated)health, nutrition & soundness

  • Horse management – feeding & supplementation

  • Training of horses & people

  • Treat for sickness or injury; maintain inoculation program

  • Grooming & hoof care

  • Tack, stable & horse yards maintained

6. Station Maintenance (In cooperation with Property Development)

  • Maintain fencing in good repair, including electric & Kiwitech, troughs cleaned according to moves

  • Water trees at yards (liase with SMP)

  • Work area clean – hosed down or blown out

  • Maintenance of gear, stock handling facilities, and property improvements.

  • General duties include some major installations such as fences, pipelines and waters

  • Weed control

7. Domestic

  • Responsible for own areas of house & garden to be kept to the station standard.

  • Contribute to the upkeep of the entire station complex (includes jetty)

  • Participate in community activities, including active membership in local committees in areas relevant to “Wentworth” ie: Campdrafts, Agricultural Shows, KIT meetings, industry functions

Job Requirements:

  • Demonstrated leadership; ability to motivate & direct others (communication skills)

  • Time management & organizational skills; ability to prioritize & delegate

  • Computer skills – familiar with NLIS database, TSI, Trutest or similar recording systems

  • Knowledge of LPA/other quality assurance programs – currently MSA, PCAS & EU

  • A basic knowledge of, and commitment to Holistic Management

  • Extensive horse & stock experience; trained in Low Stress Stock Handling

  • A sound understanding and promotion of safe work practices.

  • Ag Vet Chem accreditation (able to calibrate chemicals, keep records)

  • Sound knowledge of pumps & engines, understanding of stock water delivery

  • Some mechanical knowledge and good welding skills

  • Ability to operate loader & bobcat

  • HR license

  • Gun license

  • Sense of humour 😊

Job Benefits:

  • Above ward wage, based on experience and skillset.

  • Accommodation – Single or Couple accommodation available.

  • Meals cooked by Station Cook on workdays.

  • Paid Training courses, will vary depending on interests and position.

Application will be assessed on an ongoing basis and therefore we encourage you to apply at your earliest opportunity. Please submit your resume via the APPLY NOW button including 3 (minimum) references contact names and numbers (References will be checked). 

For more information please contact Bristow Hughes at email


  • This is a permanent position and not available to Working Holiday Visa Holders (Backpackers).

  • Applications without required skills and experience listed in the ad will not be considered.


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