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Lord Pastoral Jobs

Lord Pastoral is a run as a family business where we encourage everyone to find a role that they can thrive in and enjoy being part of a successful team. 

The culture we strive to maintain: 

  1. To promote a happy & safe culture where people can grow to utilise their full potential. 

  2. Creating thinking in the workplace, both as an individual and for others for what is the best result for the business and people 

  3. To encourage people to find their voice and speak their thoughts 

  4. To promote an environment where people can think for themselves to gain a higher level of common sense & problem solving. 

  5. To always look for ways to help people get the best out of their day and those around them. 

  6. Develop and maintain a high level of professionalism both socially and at work 

  7. To have everyone on the station doing their part to enhance the culture 

Main roles and responsibilities: 

The key responsibility areas for this role include: 

1. Shed organisation and management: General maintenance, ordering supplies and maintaining a clean work environment. 

2. Vehicle, bike, truck, tractor and other machinery repairs and maintenance: Servicing, changing tyres, repairs and improvements. 

3. Assisting stockpersons with machinery issues in the paddock: Managing a maintenance vehicle and using this to assist stockpersons with flat tyres and other machinery issues that may hinder them performing their roles. 

In addition to the key responsibility areas, you will also be required to: 

  1.  To attend weekly meetings to work with the rest of the team to prioritize the operational side of the Lord Pastoral business 

  2. Work in a team or independently, as required 

  3. Machinery operation including but not limited to tractors, truck, traybacks, loaders, quad bikes, buggy’s and motorbikes. 

  4. HR Truck licence preferable 

  5. Basic maintenance of machinery (Major mechanical work is done by the shed mechanic) 

  6. Mig & Stick welding, oxy & basic fabricating work. 

  7. Yard building and maintenance. 

  8. House maintenance. 

  9. Assist with butchering, as required 

  10. If desired, stock work is available to take part in 


  • Above award day rate, less tax, plus superannuation 

  • Own private room that is air conditioned (single and couple accommodation available) 

  • Board & keep included 

  • High speed internet 

Please note, the role comes with mentoring and skill development from management and co-workers. No question is a silly question and you are not alone. 

To apply for this role applicants should present with a cover letter, current resume and at least two contactable work related references to the owners Ardie and Kacie Lord. Applicants without required experience will not be considered.

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