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(Sutherland, Waltheim, Lydia, Cintra and Runnymede)

Lord Pastoral is a run as a family business where we encourage everyone to find a role that they can thrive in and enjoy being part of a successful team. 

The culture we strive to maintain: 

  1. To promote a happy & safe culture where people can grow to utilise their full potential. 

  2. Creating thinking in the workplace, both as an individual and for others for what is the best result for the business and people 

  3. To encourage people to find their voice and speak their thoughts 

  4. To promote an environment where people can think for themselves to gain a higher level of common sense & problem solving. 

  5. To always look for ways to help people get the best out of their day and those around them. 

  6. Develop and maintain a high level of professionalism both socially and at work 

  7. To have everyone on the station doing their part to enhance the culture 


Main roles and responsibilities: 

  • To work with Kacie & Ardie; Nikko and Jade with the strategic direction and objectives of ‘Lord Pastoral’. This role is specifically Clear Roles and Responsibilities developed by the group will allow all to develop in their responsibility areas. 

  • Work with & coordinate a team. Using the existing communication tools is key to this as is honest communication with Ardie & Kacie 

  • Keep records and train other staff in their responsibility areas. (MAIA, stock records and feed budgets). 

  • To be responsible for the wellbeing of the stock and to apply the practices of Low Stress Stock (LSS) handling when working with stock. 

  • To be able to Preg test (or be taught) then able to teach others. 

  • Mustering on 2-wheel motorbikes 

  • Feed budgeting & graze movements (training and mentoring of staff) 

  • General livestock husbandry 

  • Flexible to move between our other properties and assist Nikko with musters. 

  • Fencing construction and maintenance. 

  • Water construction and maintenance. 

  • Machinery operation & basic maintenance of Tractors, up to HC Trucks, Loader, Toyotas, Bikes etc. 

  • To run weekly meetings to work with the rest of the team to prioritize the operational side of the Lord Pastoral business. 

  • Mig & Stick welding, oxy & basic fabricating work. 

  • Livestock supplement feeding i.e. molasses, weaner meal, dry lick etc. Yard building and maintenance. 

  • To be able to deliver stock to market to specification and with the best outcome in mind from a marketing perspective 

In addition to the key responsibility areas, you will also be required to: 

  • To oversee; and work to grow the culture that Lord Pastoral has developed 

  • That the sheds are kept in a neat and tidy condition 

  • That the tools, motorbikes and motor vehicles are kept in a safe neat and orderly condition. 

  • That after use all equipment will be returned to their retrospective places. 

  • That the jobs that are set out are accomplished (within reason). 

  • That all Workplace Health and Safety rules are followed and common sense prevails. 

  • Livestock handling experience 

  • Integrity and good communication 

  • Machinery operating and mechanical experience 

  • A passion for animals 

  • To prioritize and organize self 

  • To work unsupervised and proactively 

  • Lord Pastoral has some systems in place that allow it to perform in the top 20% in the industry. While these systems continually need to be questioned and improved, it is expected that you will step in and understand these systems and work to enhance them. 

Personal Expectations 

  • To have a great work attitude and display common sense. 

  • To work co-operatively with others in the team and as a team member. 

  • To be punctual to work. 

  • To exhibit clean and tidy personal habits and act in a way that enhances you and your fellow workmates. 

  • To display acceptable social behaviour while dealing with the general public both in work and social situations. 

  • To maintain the house and garden to the standard it was in upon arrival. We ask that animals not be housed within the garden fence 


  • Day rate to be negotiated 

  • 4 weeks holiday 

  • House provided with electricity and Wi-Fi included 

  • Dedicated work vehicle and motor bike 

  • Weekly food allowance provided 

Put your CV together with at least 2 references and applicable skills, hit the apply now button or applications@rfttejobs.com and and it will go directly to our hiring manager at Lord Pastoral for review and consideration.

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