Aviation on cattle stations - legends & legacies

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I hope you enjoy the pics, video and stories in this, the Aviation Edition of The Hooroo News. We're taking to the air with an exclusive for RFTTE.com... after much searching I have finally found footage that has been unavailable to the public for decades. Having tracked down the Director/ Producer, James Knox, he kindly went the extra (aeronautical) mile in getting approval to finally have these 2 documentaries put online for public viewing - I believe they are an important part of the Australian Outback and Cattle Station History - they are not to be missed, enjoy! 

The first video from 1984 is David Bradley, 'The Flying Vet' who was at the forefront of TB eradication from cattle in the Top End and the second is 'Sarawak Stock Take' from 1985, featuring the Rosewood Stockcamp and the first live exports to Malaysia - both include stunning aerial footage, including Bullo River Station, Newcastle Waters and Rockhampton Downs.

Also in this edition we feature the wild and highly skilled pilot/ managers in Cessna's and the incredulous feats of rotary wing aircraft like the R22, the older Bell 42 & Hughes 300 as well as the Ultralight and Gyrocopter.

The impact and role of aviation on cattle stations and the Outback in general has meant vast time savings - whether it be mustering and yarding cattle, checking fences, doing a 'bore run' or even saving a life; the significance of rotary and fixed wing aircraft has been major and will continue to have technological advancements including the role of drones in mustering and weed control. 

We'll also showcase the Aviator Instagram Influencers with their stunning social media shots as well as pay tribute to some of the legends who have come and gone, such as Sandy Kidd.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Airborne Ringers edition of the Hooroo News.

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