Bullcatchers and Bionic Arms!

A friend of mine, Nick Bradley, introduced me online to his good mate, Geoffrey Beere. Geoffrey tells a cracking yarn about an invention many of you have first hand experience! Geoffrey said he didn't mind if I shared the story of his mate Kal Carrick, the man who revolutionised how to catch bulls... over to you Geoffrey ...

Kal Carrick patented the bionic 'bull catcher' arm in 1974, everyone copied it and about 10 payed for the licence. Over the years I met at least 5 that said that they invented the bionic arm, during BTEC the arm could have assisted in the capture of around 100,000 feral animals.

In 2017, I and others supported Kal in an OA to get the story right. The inauguration at NT Government House was memorable, Kal was refusing to wear a tie and his wife was going to pull out. I explained if they didn’t behave I would leave them at the foot path.

Peter Pangquee snr was represented by his son Peter [Alderman] Pangquee. Peter jnr was wearing his bravery medal from when a crocodile was dragging his mum out of the tent.

Peters son Alderman Pangquee represented his family at Kal’s investiture in Darwin last year at Govt House. I have attached a PDF of The ‘Victoria River District Doomsday Book’ (its inspiration in Jock Makin’s history of Victoria River Downs, The Big Run) and some images that I hope some of your RFTTE members may find of interest.

You can also see more in Photographer, David Hancock's book on Top End buffalo: NGANABBARRU BUFFALO

Original Post here | Originally posted 20th July 2020.

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