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COVID-19 | Take a load off!

There is no doubt these are trying and testing times, it looks as though the COVID-19 crisis will continue to affect our lives for some time to come.

Let’s continue to keep RFTTE as a place where we can share our thoughts and support each other as we have done so in the past. And of course have a laugh.

You all have experience in the rural sector, so you know better than most how to look after each other in tough times - be it drought, bushfires or bloody COVID-19.

We can still be socially connected via online/ phone etc whilst being physically distant from each other until things settle down. So let's stay connected - keep well and safe, and continue to be there for your friends, family and neighbours.

I have included some podcasts, videos and playlists that you may find of interest, both COVID-19 and RFTTE related, view here:

Hooroo for now,

Simon | Founder | | Email:


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