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Family photo, Territory Style

"They do family photo's a bit different in the Territory" says photographer James Braszell.

Cook Family | Adelaide River NT | Image by James Braszell
Cook Family | Adelaide River NT | Image by James Braszell

This is the Cook family, who you might recognise from the TV series, 'Outback Ringer', including Willie in the chopper, Liz on horseback, Blake in his bull catcher and Charlie on the bike. And of course there is 'Tank' the dog (there's another one hiding in the grass!).

James says:

"The shot was taken at the Cook's Property in the Adelaide River region of the NT. It actually wasn’t too difficult to take, and it only took us about 5-10 minutes with myself and Willie communicating over the radio as to where he needed to fly.

The biggest challenge was actually for Liz trying to keep her horse still with the wind gusting from the chopper (I'd be a bit spooked too if I was a horse with a chopper that close behind me!).

It’s probably my favourite family photo I’ve taken now though!".

Follow James on Instagram @jamesbraszellphotography for more cracking shots. The image also appeared in the RFTTEJOBS newsletter on 14th July 2023, VIEW:

(BTW the helicopter is a Guimbal Cabri G2 – Willie et al put it together from a kit. Goes alright too I believe).

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