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King of the Outback Skies!

LATEST (3rd feb 2021): Unfortunately PAUL PATRICK, the 7 PRIME NETWORK DIRECTOR OF NEWS & CURRENT AFFAIRS, has decided not to host KING OF THE OUTBACK SKIES on their website anymore and has returned it to the dusty archive shelves indefinitely. If you would like the documentary returned for public viewing please contact Mr Patrick via email address:


Many of you will know Kerry Slingsby or at least know of him, as he was indeed once King of the Outback Skies - a legend. The documentary of the same name aired on TV in 1998, but has since been sitting unavailable due to copyright laws on a dusty shelf in Canberra at the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA)... until now.

I was determined to get this important historical footage of Outback Australia to the public again. So, after a 9 month journey tracking down and talking to the producer and director, navigating through lawyers to find the rightful owner(s), then successfully getting copyright approval from Prime Media Group to have the footage released TODAY  for public viewing for the first time in almost 20 years... it is finally here!

I hope it was all worth it and please email me to tell me what you thought of it - and do any RFTTE members appear in it, apart from Kerry?

The 17th Edition of the Hooroo News featuring the King of the Outback Skies

Also some recognition in the Nov 2019 edition of the Kimberley Echo:

NB. After 20 years under copyright restrictions, I have also dug out of the archives THE FLYING VET and SARAWAK STOCK TAKE, both featuring in a previous edition of The Hooroo News earlier in 2019 and both important historical documentaries about the Top End from the 1980s, which can now be seen online by the general public.

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