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Ringer From The Top End Bull Catcher

Returned to her former glory by John Green and mates at Gladstone and permanently on show at The Slim Dusty Centre near Kempsey, NSW.

This was the bull catcher used on the back cover of Slim’s RINGER FROM THE TOP END album in 1992… with him at the wheel is a young Richard Bradley, son of David & Susan Bradley who owned Carlton Hill Station at the time in the East Kimberley.

Included are some shots shared by Richard Knox of the bull catcher in 1998 at the tip near Carlton Hill; plus 'old yella' down at the Carlton Hill work shop, this catcher was also used on the station for many years, it was the 'sister bull catcher' to the white one - looks like they used the white bonnet from Slim's catcher for a few more years on 'old yella' too!

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