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Thank you Dad.

G'day, It's been almost 2 months since the last newsletter, my apologies.

I lost my old man suddenly in July, he was 72... and think it apt that this edition of the Hooroo News is dedicated to Dad's.

So, if you are one, well done - enjoy your Father's Day this Sunday, I reckon you might have earned it. If you still have a Dad, give him a hug and simply say thank you. For those of us who don't have a Dad anymore, remember the good times and hold onto them... grab some family and start the convo with "remember when...?"

But whatever your 'Dad status', it's now time to sit back with your chosen beverage and enjoy some of the Dad posts we've had on over the years... including some of the very best 'DAD JOKES' you'll ever hear!

Life does indeed go on after you lose someone special, and I have recently launched - a passion of mine is finding cattle station jobs for people, so it's nice to see it up and live, and some successful job placement's already. A big thank you to Stanbroke and the ACC Group for their ongoing support.

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