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Tommy Woodcock, boots and jokes!

2018 has been as dry as a supermarket's chook for many RFTTE members, and the rain dances continue here, so may the deluge come soon to those who still need it... I hope RFTTE has provided some kind of respite from the drought, be it humour, a discussion you can relate to or simply to get 'away from it all'.

So grab a cold beverage of some description and lets get into it this issue we're getting into some of the most popular posts of 2018...

Tippy Hall asks for some Genius horse name suggestions, Randall Ahearn asks if you are snippy, pointed, rounded or square? A post of Tommy Woodcock and his peoples champion gets hearts a'racing (but it may not be who you think it is) and Tegan Evans snaps a marriage proposal as only an RFTTE member could!

And yeah I know... "shutup it's still November" but if you're not sorted for Chrissy presents yet, then check out Cattle Baron - the cattle station game of high steaks! The new RFTTE camo hats are now available from the Top Saddlery online store and course RFTTE belts from Kent Saddlery.

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