Lord Pastoral Jobs

Lord Pastoral is a run as a family business, near Richmond QLD, where we encourage everyone to find a role that they can thrive in and enjoy being part of a successful team. 

We are currently seeking a Stock Person to join our team.

Job Type: Full Time

Start: Immediate


Key Responsibilities for this role include:

  • A passion for livestock handling and grazing management. 

  • Mustering on 2-wheel motorbikes (we don’t use horses) 

  • Livestock supplement feeding i.e. molasses, protein meals, weaner meals, dry licks etc. 

  • To be responsible for the wellbeing of the stock and to apply the practices of Low Stress Stock (LSS) handling when working with stock. 

  • Ability to move around with the camp between our stations for musters & general station duties 

  • Fencing & water construction and maintenance. 

  • Machinery operation, basic maintenance & problem identification of Tractors, up to HC Trucks, Loader, Toyotas, Bikes etc. 

  • Willingness to learn about the Agricultural industry (if your keen to learn we're keen to train) 

  • Able to identify, plan, prioritize, communicate & enact their roles 

You will also be required to: 

  1. To attend weekly meetings to work with the rest of the team to prioritize the operational side of the Lord Pastoral business 

  2. To be a strong team player 

  3. To have a great work attitude and display a high level of common sense 

  4. To work co-operatively with others in the team 

  5. To be punctual to work 

  6. To exhibit clean and tidy personal habits and act in a way that enhances you and your fellow workmates. 

  7. To display acceptable social behaviour while dealing with the general public both in work and social situations. 

  8. Working dogs are highly recommended for this position but not a must.

Benefits/ Package:

  • Above award day rate, less tax, plus superannuation 

  • Own private room that is air conditioned (single and couple accommodation available) 

  • Board & keep included 

  • High speed internet 

Please note, the role comes with mentoring and skill development from management and co-workers. No question is a silly question and you are not alone. 

To be considered for this role, applicants should present with a current resume outlining their work experience and supply 2 work references that can be contacted. NOTE: only applicants who meet the brief will be considered and contacted if shortlisted. 

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