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About Us

WHAT IS KAPCO? The Kimberley Agriculture and Pastoral Company is made up of four Indigenous-owned pastoral stations in northern Western Australia. Mt Anderson, Myroodah, Frazier Downs and Bohemia Downs, are standing together under a single management structure to take advantage of the economies of scale offered from an integrated pastoral enterprise. KAPCO provides an avenue for Indigenous people to gain training, skills and employment on country.


WHY KAPCO, WHY CATTLE? The Australian cattle industry is the world’s second largest beef exporter and is worth eight billion dollars per annum. Northern Australia plays a big role in this—one third of our 28 million cattle are run on extensive pastoral leases in the north and we produce 80% of Australia’s live cattle exports. This is worth about $300-$400 million dollars per annum. Improved living standards in Indonesia, China, Malaysia and other parts of Asia are increasing the demand for beef as diets become more Westernised. Given the proximity of the Kimberley to these markets, there has never been a better time for the Kimberley beef industry to proactively capture the market opportunities and grow the scale and efficiency of the industry.


VISION: Aboriginal people were once the backbone of the Kimberley’s pastoral industry. We aim to be the backbone once again. Our people are ready to be part of the benefits of economic development as active participants. By standing together—by working together—we can create prosperity that is about economy, people and culture and country. Through KAPCO, we’re creating an opportunity for our people to walk in two worlds, as powerful cultural leaders and as participants in the modern economy.

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