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It can be somewhat daunting knowing what gear to bring for your first time on a cattle station. So with the help of RFTTE members and a couple of stations here's some suggestions and recommendations you might want to include in your kit bag... and of course check with your station before you go or purchase anything, most will have a list of items they recommend. So along with a good work ethic and attitude, pack a few of these items in your old kit bag...

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1. WIDE BRIM HAT (straw or felt) | Recommend: SUNBODY REATA 3 and SUNBODY ALEX from Kent Saddlery

A peaked hat is also handy, and of course we recommend RFTTE TRUCKER CAPS from our mates at Kent Saddlery...

2. FOOTWEAR: You might need a few types of footwear on a station - for mustering, depending on whether you are using horses or bikes (or both!) as well as yard work and social occasions. KENT SADDLERY BOOTS:

  • Work/ Yard/ Social Boots

  • Smooth soled riding boots with a good heel | Recommend: Ariat Heritage Roper Mens | Womens Heritage Roper | Ariat Acton

  • All Purpose Boot | Recommend: Ariat All Terrain Boot: Mens Duraterrain | Womens Duraterrain or The Roper Horseshoe Kiltie Boot: Mens Kiltie | Womens Kiltie

  • Sneakers/ joggers for yard work.

  • Rubber thongs for shower areas and at camp, rec times, doing your washing etc.

3. CLOTHING for work & social events (i.e. races, rodeo)

  • Cotton long sleeve shirts (x5)

  • Jeans (x5)

  • Shorts (x2) - i.e. With belt loops for belt/ knife pouch

  • Warm clothing, jacket + gloves for bike riding (it gets cold)

  • Socks and underwear

  • Belt | Recommend: Kent Saddlery Leather Hand Made Belt

  • Don't forget your togs.

4. DRINK BOTTLE | Recommend: Willow 5 litre bottle - it has a large base to avoid falling over in the back of the ute. Other water bottle recommendations include YETI | 3.7ltr Jug | 590ml Magslider Mug (for keeping your cuppa hot).