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About Us

Welcome to Knudsen Cattle. We are family agricultural enterprise that specialises in producing quality beef sustainably. We believe in putting more back into the land than we take out, so that future generations will be producing food here indefinitely.

Knudsen Cattle understands that a successful agricultural business needs to manage the environment, resources, people and livestock. One can no more be the focus than another.

Our Family

Home base for Darcy, Kara and their sons Tom and Jack is on Rosehall near Mundubbera in Queensland. Kara grew up on Braford Park, which now forms part of the Rosehall Aggregation while Kingaroy-born Darcy is a third-generation grazier. These experiences stood the couple in good stead when, in 2004, they purchased their first property. 

Our Business

Our business operates from two Queensland-based sites where we both breed Santa Gertrudis cattle and trade animals for the domestic beef market. The Rosehall Aggregation includes Glenellen and Braford Park while our Northern Aggregation comprises four properties that are run from Elton Downs near Hughenden. At Knudsen Cattle, we know that land in excellent health is twice as profitable as land in moderate condition, so the environment and biodiversity are significant factors impacting how we maintain our livestock management practices.


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