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About Us

Paraway currently operates 27 pastoral enterprises across a number of diversified climatic zones and a range of country types. The company divides its operations into four regions: Northern (consisting of properties in Queensland), Central East (with properties in the New England), Central West (with properties in Western NSW) and Southern (including Southern NSW and Victoria).

Collectively the properties have the capacity to carry over 220,000 cattle and 250,000 sheep.  Dryland and irrigated cropping exists in each of the regions for the production of hay, silage and grain crops for external sales & feeding livestock.


At Paraway our primary goal is to be a consistent, reliable supplier of quality produce, while operating a sustainable business that targets long term returns while effectively managing short term risks. Our business is based on the following fundamental values:


We seek to identify and pursue opportunities to generate returns for our investors, fulfilment for our people and positive outcomes for the community. We support our people to achieve and succeed. Our success is built on this. We encourage innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.


Paraway depends upon the maintenance of its reputation for success. This reputation is built on the honesty and integrity of our staff and the ability of our company to fulfill its promises to other. Integrity, including trust, honesty, ethics and truthfulness, underpins all of our actions.


With opportunity, comes accountability. We are conscious of our role as custodians of the land and livestock in our care and take our obligations to the environment and animal welfare seriously. We are accountable for all our actions, to our investors, our community, and to each other. Safety for our people is our highest priority. We never compromise our standards. We analyse and manage risk, and we make decisions we are proud of.


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