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About Us

Russell Pastoral Operations (Russell Pastoral) manages two large aggregations throughout Southern and Central Queensland and another in Northern New South Wales and which produce a range of cattle, grain and fibre crops.

Russell Pastoral’s core business is cattle production and runs two distinct cattle breeding enterprises being and Angus x Charolais cross for ‘flatback’ feedlot markets as well as an expanding F2 Wagyu x Angus herd servicing high end Wagyu feedlot markets.

The F2 Wagyu operation is a terminal cross and we breed our own F1 Wagyu replacement breeding females which means we also run our own fullblood Angus herd.


Jimbour, QLD is located approximately 30km north of Dalby and comprises approximately 4,500 hectares of diverse country and which includes prized Jimbour Plain chocolate soils used for cropping as well as basalt soils on the hill country which is used for grazing and the production of fodder.

Jimbour backgrounds approximately 1,500 F1 & F2 Wagyu yearlings per annum as well runs approximately 500 high quality Angus cows for use in the Wagyu program.


Champion Station is located 60km north-east of Blackall, QLD and 600km west of Rockhampton. Champion totalling approximately 55,000 hectares is highly developed with two thirds pulled brigalow/gidyea country sown to Buffel, running into Box and Broadleaf Iron Bark forest with some desert country.

A breeding herd of over 4,000 Angus cross cows is the basis for an annual turnoff in excess of 3,000 young cattle per year to premium cattle and beef markets. We also run 4,00 F1 Wagyu cows at Champion, with the progeny sent to Jimbour to background.


Cluny is located approximately 30km east of Bingara, on the North West Slopes region which is noted breeding country. Totalling approximately 3,700 hectares, Cluny runs approximately 800 cows being a mix of F1 Wagyu breeders as well as high quality Angus cows for use in the Wagyu program. The F1 Wagyu female progeny are retained as replacement breeders, with all other progeny being sent to Jimbour to background.


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