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About Us

The Swiss Australian Farm Holding Pty Ltd (SAFH) proudly grows pure bred Angus cattle and Merino sheep in the South East region of South Australia. We hold farms near Padthaway and Willalooka where the region is renowned for clean air and has an average rainfall of 500mm. The temperate to cool climate ideally suits production of quality livestock. All cattle are bred and fattened on grass, handled with care and respect, and are free to roam in the paddock in a stress free environment. For our Angus herds we use the best genetic bloodlines worldwide. All heifers are on strictly AI programs. Our target is to produce the best steers and heifers for grass fed programs. We also breed high quality heifers for export.


A choice of markets are close enough to enable the livestock to be delivered in excellent condition without the stress of long distance trucking. Quality can be achieved at all stages of production as the farms are of a size where attention to detail can be maintained at all times.


In New South Wales near Broken Hill SAFH grows pure bred Merino sheep for wool and meat.


In North Queensland, SAFH also breeds and fatens high quality Brahmans for the local and export market. Based on the highly rewarded Brahman herd, we plan to go for purebred Brahmans. The Gulf Country is an ideal location for extensive cattle breeding and is best suited to the Brahman breed.


The Stations


  • NAWEENA at Padthaway is 7’500 ha and has 1000 Angus cows calving in autumn and 1000 Angus cows calving in spring.

  • GLENSTRAE at Willalooka is 7’000 ha and has 10’000 Merino ewes for production of wool and lambs.

  • NETLEY at Broken Hill is 74’000 ha and has 10’000 Merino ewes for production of wool and meat.

  • ELROSE near Cloncurry is 30’000 ha and is run as a fattening unit for 4000-5000 steers in conjunction with Neumayer Valley Station

  • NEUMAYER VALLEY at Normanton in the Gulf Country, QLD, is 143’000 ha and carries a herd of 20’000 Brahman Cattle incl. followers.

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