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About Us

Station Mechanical Solutions is a family owned & operated business based in Katherine, Northern Territory. We (Adam & Linda Blackwood) started this business in 2008, because we wanted to provide a fairer arrangement to stations who were utilising contract mechanical services. We felt we could do this with a run structure, and this has proved an effective and successful strategy.


While we can visit you on request (travel charges apply), why not take advantage of our regular service runs. We aim to carry out each run every 4 – 6 weeks, depending on work volume. This allows us to perform regular maintenance and identify future issues so parts can be ordered and brought out on the next visit.


Regular maintenance means safer and more reliable machinery, with increased resale value. There are also savings (monetary, time & productivity) by negating the need to drive vehicles to town for mechanical work, not to mention safety concerns around this practice.


Working this way allows us to share the costs of travel across all clients on the run. If we are visiting you as a part of a regular run, travel will usually not be charged, but some conditions apply. Please request our Service Provision Information for further details on our special travel arrangements. We can also assist with breakdowns or one-off jobs, however, if urgency dictates that you cannot wait for our next run to your area, or we don’t currently service your area, travel charges will apply.


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