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About Us

It all began in the early 1950s, when we commenced production of winter and summer crops on our original property Billa Billa in southern Queensland. Since that time, we’ve expanded significantly and helped pioneer best practice crop management techniques to produce high-yielding, export-ready crops.

In 2001, we entered an exciting new phase with the purchase of a grain processing and storage facility in the town of Goondiwindi. Now comprising of six vertically integrated business divisions with a focus on industry innovation and product differentiation, we’re at the forefront of meeting global demand for premium Australian-grown pulses, grains and associated food products.

Drawing on our rich history, but always looking forward, our focus on research and development is planting the seed of innovation for generations to come. We continue to explore new opportunities to advance Australia’s agricultural industries and meet the nutritional demands of more families around the world.

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