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Top Ag Stories EOFY 2019

In this edition of the Hooroo News we showcase the top Agricultural stories so far in 2019 from the biggest news publications. It's been a huge 6 months, and a turbulent one, for the Australian rural sector: the drought continues to devastate, floods made a mess of Queensland, the tragedy of the missing toddler on a cattle station and Animal Activists (Extremists) continue to make the headlines. You'll see in the below stories they've all made it to the top in terms of news and social media readership around the country.

But there's also been some more light hearted reporting that have made it onto the winners podium - including a Kelpie with a huge heart, 'Smoko' takes on a new meaning in the Territory's 'burning' Mt Denison cattle yards and 'Dicky' the quirky publican who doesn't mince his words! It's refreshing to see good news still resonates and continues to showcase the characters in the bush, they give us what we need more of ... a good bloody chuckle! So I've included a couple of worthy JOKES OF THE WEEK too.

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