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Christmas Creek Love Story

Clancy Utech, 24, from the NT contacted RFTTE by Instagram saying:

Kris Utech these days in his trusty hat
Kris Utech these days in his trusty hat

'I showed my Dad the photos that Lynette Wood shared recently and he loved them!

He speaks of life on the stations daily so was excited to take another trip down memory lane.

My dad, Kris Utech, was the Head Stockman of Christmas Creek station in the Kimberley from 1985 - 1989. He met my mum, Christine, who was the Govie on the neighbouring station (Cherrabun Station) and they got married on Christmas Creek station.

He thought you’d like to see a few more photos from “back when the West was actually wild."'

Kris and Christine now run a farm and B&B in Bridgetown, WA.

The image of the helicopter and water buffalo is from Giles Atkinson: "Water buffalo shot in the desert country on Christmas Creek in 1985. The head stockman I think his name was Wayne was the shooter. Ken Hasted the manager was not impressed that we had shot it".

Originally posted 8th June 2021

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1 Comment

What a story! And great memorable photos!😍🐴🌟

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