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From dark roads to new heights...

Kingsley Moore, 28, started ringing when he was just 15 at Keeroongooloo Station near Windorah, QLD.

Kingsley was a troubled teen hung up in the wrong crowd and heading down a dark road.

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, he dropped out of school in grade 8 and not long after in February 2011 at age 15, he was 'sent west for some desert therapy', where he found a purpose... in agriculture.

He ended up working on station's for almost 10 years from 2011 to 2019. The majority in the channel country, and travelled as far as NSW and NT to introduce himself to different styles and parts of the industry.

In 2019 after working underneath helicopters mustering for many years Kingsley's passion grew stronger until the opportunity came to pursue a dream he never thought possible from an unconventional start in the industry.

He is now in his 4th year as a helicopter pilot. Kingsley has flown in WA, NT, QLD and as far south as Kalgoorlie in WA for the Kalgoorlie Desert Race in 2022.

He says, "Australia is an amazing country with untouched landscape I wish everyone could see".

His advice to people getting into aviation, specifically as a mustering pilot, would be not to rush it...

"Do it properly. It's a career at the end of the day. Do at least 4 years on the ground or better yet wait until you've completed a year or 2 in a leadership role. As flying is the easy part once you get your hours up. It's working stock (and people!) from the air that can be quite challenging at times.

Kingsley posts posts his footage on Instagram to share an aerial perspective of his job but also as a memory bank. He uses a Samsung Galaxy for all his footage.

Bulldust & Brahmans ▪︎ Davenport Downs ▪︎ QLD | Kingsley Moore 2023
Bulldust & Brahmans ▪︎ Davenport Downs ▪︎ QLD | Kingsley Moore 2023

He's had an overwhelming response to the images and footage he has shared, and a number of people have reached out to purchase his images. Kingsley is in the early stages of setting up a website to offer prints of various sizes. Stayed tuned!

Kingsley with Lisa Alexander, a photographer based out of Blackall.
Kingsley with Lisa Alexander, a photographer based out of Blackall.

In the wet season (when not mustering), he swaps the desert landscapes for the coast in Noosa where he calls home for a well deserved break.

You can follow Kingsley on Instagram...

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