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Hammer Time

Nick Bradley grew up in Kununurra and then on nearby Carlton Hill Station, run by his Mum and Dad, David & Susan Bradley until the mid 1990's. The Kimberley runs thick in his blood, and over the years, with the help of his camera, Nick has captured some stunning shots of life in the north.

The cattle, yard and vehicle images below are of Kurt Hammer and his contracting team on Doongan Station, on the Gibb River-Kalumburu Road in the far north Kimberley, back in about 2008. The bloke having a cuppa is 'Dallas'.

The river crossing pictures are the Pentecost River and another small unnamed creek that only fills during big storms.

Then there’s Fuck Knows (FuckNose), which - some of you might remember - used to hang on the wall of Bogart Bar & Grill in Darwin for a long time.

Also an image of his Mum, Susan, in the car is with Nick's eldest daughter Henrietta, who turns 18 this year!

We hope to showcase some more images as Nick sends them in... watch this space!

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1 komentarz

Thanks for providing the three stories. We cannot thank the wonderful men & women heading to war to protect our country and allow us to have & enjoy the best country in the world.

Also good to read the good and difficult times when working and living on cattle stations.🐎

I lived and worked in Derby for just over 2 years and drove the Gibb river road several times to visit the Aboriginal communities. Loved my time there. Beautiful people and amazing country. I was also fortunate to play & coach Netball & Basketball while in the Kimberleys. Sport provides wonderful opportunities to meet people.

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