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Rain Dances, Bulls, Crocs and Dust Busters - The Best of 2019

Wishing you a happy, fun and safe Christmas break - it has been a tough year for many. You name it, we've had it - floods, ongoing drought and severe bushfires - so if you can, put your feet up sometime and have a laugh at some of the posts in this Xmas edition... and I'll continue to do rain dances in the meantime!

Please don't forget to #buyfromthebush this Christmas... the crew at Graziher have put the Graziher Christmas Gift Guide together, featuring fantastic rural and country businesses in an easy to use digital guide

For the job seekers, mustering season 2019 has officially wrapped up for another year, and many stations are now looking for new recruits for the 2020 season so check out all the jobs on offer at

Hooroo for now,

Simon | Founder RFTTE

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