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The Best of October on RFTTE!

Well, 2019 is almost done and dusted, so to speak. There have been rain dances aplenty and I hope you get a drink soon - in more ways than one. 

There's been no shortage of great stories posted by members in October so I thought I'd showcase some of the best.

The interesting news is Barnaby got pipped by a cattle dog and a bunch of emu's. In other news there are more feral pigs in Australia than there are people, but you have some fascinating solutions on how to get rid of them - the pigs that is.

There's a bull on top of a cattle truck - go figure; Sam Hughes asks a very boggy and trashy question, plus we chat to the fella who invented the bull catcher bionic arm, and of course Colin 'Joke-King' Boundy bounds in for another pearl'a of a yarn.

Enjoy. And don't forget as Xmas fast approaches to #buyfromthebush

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