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Why is August 1st The Horses Birthday?

It's all about horses in the latest issue of the Hooroo News, including the World's Biggest Horse, how much it really cost to keep a horse, a cat and a nag plus plenty of jokes.

August 1st is the day to give your nag, neddy, yang, hay burner or yarramin some extra chaff, or reminisce about that special horse you've had in the past.

There may be a few reasons as to why today is the horses birthday but I've asked around and this is probably the best explanation:

The reason for the selection of August 1st in the southern hemisphere, as opposed to say the first day of January, May or November is that historically, the weather at the commencement of September is just beginning to warm up, prompting mares to commence their oestrus cycle, or ‘come into season’. 

A mare’s oestrus cycle is stimulated by the presence of extended daylight, nature intending that foals be born eleven months later through spring and summer when feed is plentiful so that mares can produce good supplies of nutritious milk.

Therefore, mares successfully bred early in September will produce foals in early August. (Source).

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