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The #WTF Edition

Now, time for a bit of fun in this edition of the Hooroo News... we've seen some pretty weird and wacky things on over the years...

This shot is of the legendary George 'Woga' Darcy  who lived on Mallapunyah Station on the Barclay Tablelands in the Territory. RFTTE member Nanna Joyce was his sister in law and has some ripping yarns about him. Apparently taken in the 1960's at the Brunette Races, first appearing in RMW, Hoofs and Horns magazine... plus more in this edition of the Hooroo News including:

  • Thought you'd heard it all?  Well you haven't. This yarn encapsulates the term 'WTF' beautifully ... but beware Kurt Hammer has a unique way with words - his language is just as colourful as his story! so here's few of the best & worst WTF moments.

  • Now you have been warned, this is graphic footage taken in Cape York, Queensland. A good lesson why it's not wise going too lose to the water in these parts!

  • We all know pigs can fly eh? Well did you know that Bull's give it a good crack too. Thanks to David John East for this #rfttewtf footage.

  • You can lead a horse to water but can you make old mate drink it? As RFTTE member James Skipper wisely points out, it's probably still scared of puddles!

  • The Lajamanu (NT) store manager Andrew Prigmore sent in this gruesome pic: Python 1 v Goanna 0. BTW Snake peak season runs from Sept-April in the Top End so be alert. Photo: Reece Houston. Shared by RFTTE admin Robyn Balter-Wing:

  • Who can forget the infamous ball tampering affair? However, Tina Parry brings to our attention there have been others, including one of our national icons ... no sandpaper used here!

  • Tammy Ryan shared a #rfttewtf shot of this trough... 7km from Derby you will find a 120 metre long concrete trough built in 1916/17 for 581 pounds ($75K today). It handled 500 bullocks at a time and is said to be the longest in the southern hemisphere!

All the stories are here in the Hooroo News.

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