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Mustering season 2018 has almost come to an end. With signs of wet season on the way, it's time to put your feet up for a few minutes and start relaxing into the silly season with the Hooroo News: only the best bits from

In this issue we want to know if you think Troy Nilon's Akubra is ready to retire or not. Neil Camm strums a catchy tune for all the bull catchers out there, and the usual funnies with Joke of the week. We listen to the fascinating story via podcast of Bernie Shakeshaft and his work with youth - using dogs, not to mention his worldly advice to those wanting to work on a cattle station...

When asked: "Can you ride?"  Always respond: "I can ride a quiet pony"

There's also some cutting suggestions on which is the best knife to use on a station, and if you're not sorted for Chrissy presents yet, then check out Cattle Baron - the cattle station board game of high steaks! Tell'm RFTTE sent you!

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