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Toots The Truckie

Do they make them like Toot's anymore?

Thora Daphne "Toots" Holzheimer clocked up more than 1.6 million kilometres hauling freight along the dusty, corrugated roads of remote Queensland for three decades until her tragic death in 1992.

Phil Maris contacted RFTTE and told us this story about Toots:

"I used to work at a large hardware store in Cairns called Northern Builders Supplies , which was based in Dutton Street.

Toots used to quite often pick up product from the store to take up to the Gulf.

Her reputation as a very hard worker and being tough as granite preceded her wherever she went. Every time she arrived down in the sheds, it didn’t take long for the word to get around that she was there.

A story that I remember being told was her shifting around 44 Gallon drums of fuel on the back of the truck like they were cans of paint.

She added to the history of Far North Queensland and it was a lesser place for her passing . RIP Toots."

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