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Cattle Station | Hot Jobs

Here's where we showcase all the cattle station, sheep station, feedlot and farming jobs on RFTTEJOBS, jobs might include station hand (ringer/ jackaroo/ jilleroo), cook, feedlot worker, stockman, mechanic, overseer, farm & livestock hand, road train operator, grader/ loader driver, governess or bore runner - you might just find the job that changes your life, so get that cover letter and resume together and shoot it through via the ad/s below...

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Top Tips When Applying For a Job

The best piece of advice when you are applying for a cattle station job, or any job for that matter, is to submit a CV/ resume with your relevant skills, work history and one or two references from previous employment or if you have just graduated from school, a character reference from a teacher or a part time job you have had.


Ideally, together with your CV, write a short cover letter (2-3 paragraphs) outlining why you would like to work for the company, what you can offer and highlighting applicable skills you have for the position. Ensure your CV and cover letter has been run through spell check and one of your mates has cast their eyes over it... then send away, you have taken the first steps in getting a head start on the other applicants.

And one final piece of advice, the FIRST thing the majority of employers will check is your social media accounts - i.e. Facebook - so make sure it's a good reflection of you!

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